The Daily Mail – January 17th 1927!

Thanks to our very own Pica Harvey Kelly we have a copy of The Daily Mail from January 17th, 1927 which not only mentions the Irish Water Spaniel but has a photo of one for the article titled Do Dogs Reason?

“one of the cleverest of the gun dogs”

Reads the caption that accompanied the photo. The article, which is sub-titled Why a Puppy is More Intelligent than a Child of the Same Age, appeared all of 85 years ago and has been stored safely by an IWS lover ever since.

Stay tuned as we hope to bring a you the article in full.


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Championship Show 2012

The Championship Show 2012 took place at Cloghran, Co. Dublin on Sunday 23rd September in conjunction with the Irish Native Breeds Society Championship show. A wonderful day out was had by all. If you were there on the day and have any photos of the event please email them to and we will publish them on the site.

Trophies awarded are as follows:

The Dolford Cup for Best In Show
Mr J Caulfield & Ms J Furlong’s IRSHCH, INTSHCH, GBSHCH Fynder on Shifting Ground

The Dutch Members Trophy for Best Opposite Sex
Mr A & Mrs D Costley’s Beaufield First and Foremost at Axlehurn

The Teal of Tully Cup for Best Puppy
Mr J Caulfield & Ms J Furlong’s Banysun Enya

The Bogwater Cup for Best Junior
Mr R Conway & Miss E O’Donnell’s Azariel Come O’er the Sea

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