IWSC 125th year show update

The Irish Water Spaniel Club has always set out to promote the breed since the origin of the club.
The Committee set out in its 125th year to promote the breed this year and we were very successful as we had 17 dogs entered. We wish to thank our judge Mrs Liz Cooper for doing a great job and been so encouraging especially with our members who have never shown before.
I would like to thank the Committee and their family members for their work on the day. This was a very enjoyable day for all involved.
The Committee would like to thank our sponsors Happydog and also all the help from Fermoy Canine Club and Dogshowentry.
If anyone is interested in joining the club please contact Hon. Secretary Mrs’s Dorothy Maher on 002866387327 dolly.westland@outlook.com or Treasurer Jimmy Hogan 00353876716959jimmy.hogan.mistywaters@gmail.com
Best in Show Dolford Cup Ms Amanda Kilkenny “Stanegate Truffle”
Best Opposite Sex Dutch Members Trophy Ms Dee Rance “Weemaes Pipers Piping at Mayfred”
Best Puppy Teal of Tully Cup Mr Bernard Fitzsimmons “ Glenstal fudge at Cumasach”
Best Intermediate The Bogwater Cup Ms Dee “Rance Weemaes Pipers Piping at Mayfred”
To mark the 125th Anniversary Show each 1st prize winner received a special medal.
The Club also ran Special Classes for dogs who would not normally be shown.
Best Working Mr Bob & Mrs Dorothy Maher “Archie”
Best Pet Mr John Dorian “Hurley”
Best Neutered over 3 Mr Bob & Mrs Dorothy Maher “Tim”
Best Overall Special Mr John Dorian “Hurley”
Jimmy Hogan

IWS Champ Show 13th Sept, Cloughran, Dublin – enter to show your dog or just come along to enjoy

2014 Patrick's Day IKCThis year the Irish Water Spaniel Club will be running their Champ Show in conjunction with the Irish Breeds Show at Cloughran on the 13th September. We would like to see many Irish Water Spaniels take part so even if you have never entered a show ring before, this is your chance to show off your dog or bitch and to let everyone see that Irish Water Spaniels may come in all shapes and sizes but are all amazing!

Last year only three dogs were entered – this was very disappointing as we know there are many more who could have appeared in the ring.

Entries will still be received if entered on line. The closing date for on- line entries is midnight on the 31st August. follow this link http://www.dogshowentry.ie/OnlineEntries/Public/AvailableShows.aspx, go to “dogshowentries” and click on “Irish Breeds Show” and the entry form column is on the right of the page. The fee for entering one dog or bitch is 18 euros or £18.00. Judging will commence at 12.30 sharp.

However, showing is optional! Please come along on the day and find out what’s involved….and maybe next year we’ll see many of you take the plunge into showing? it’s a great day out and is also an opportunity to see all the other Irish breeds as well as Irish Water Spaniels.

Championship Show 2012

The Championship Show 2012 took place at Cloghran, Co. Dublin on Sunday 23rd September in conjunction with the Irish Native Breeds Society Championship show. A wonderful day out was had by all. If you were there on the day and have any photos of the event please email them to info@iwsc.ie and we will publish them on the site.

Trophies awarded are as follows:

The Dolford Cup for Best In Show
Mr J Caulfield & Ms J Furlong’s IRSHCH, INTSHCH, GBSHCH Fynder on Shifting Ground

The Dutch Members Trophy for Best Opposite Sex
Mr A & Mrs D Costley’s Beaufield First and Foremost at Axlehurn

The Teal of Tully Cup for Best Puppy
Mr J Caulfield & Ms J Furlong’s Banysun Enya

The Bogwater Cup for Best Junior
Mr R Conway & Miss E O’Donnell’s Azariel Come O’er the Sea

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