IWSC at the native breeds heritage week event Sunday 26th of August

The theme for Heritage Week this year is “Story-telling” and we will be holding another Native Breeds Event this year at the Battle of the Boyne site just North of Drogheda.  The title of the event is “The Myths and Legends of the Nine Native Breeds”

The challenge here is to inspire people about our wonderful breed!!

Each breed will be able to bring a tent or gazebo and promote their breed with displays, merchandise and information.  As part of the day each breed will be encouraged to tell stories – we hope to get the public to engage with the IWSC and to get a real feel of how wonderful they are.

We have had a fantastic meeting at the Boyne and all the grounds were looking brilliant. This year we will be in prime position at the front of the house on the main lawn.  This will be a superb location for our event.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there on Sunday 26th of August.

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