Important Drug Warning

Important Drug Warning

For more than ten years there have been regular reports, albeit anecdotal, of serious adverse reactions by lrish Water Spanels to the commonly prescribed POTENTIATED SULPHONAMIDE group of antibiotics.

This type of antibiotic proved to be both effective and economic in disease management following the Second World War. SULPHAMETHO)GZOLE and TRIMETHOPRTM are used in combination for their synergistic activity and known by the generic term CO-TRIMOAXZOLE or CO-TRlM.

Co-trimoxazole was commonly prescribed by General Practitioners until the Autumn of 1994 when it waswlthdrawn for human use, except in exceptional circumstances. This drug does, however, continue to be a popular choice in veterinary medicine.

It is therefore advisable for all owners of the breed to alert their Veterlnary Practices and Boarding Kennels to the risks involved. The breed would appear to have lost several animals, world wide, through the side effects of Potentiated Sulphonamides, and many more dogs have been rendered seriously ill until treatment was withdrawn or altered. The following brand names in addition to the generic CO-TRIMOXAZOLE, should be avoided or treated with caution when prescriblng for lrish Water Spaniels:


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