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This page is dedicated to members of our club who breed Irish Water Spaniels. We urge you to buy dogs solely from recognised and responsible sources. All our members are pledged to follow our codes of conduct. This guarantees ethical breeding and the well-being of the dogs (you can get our code of ethics here). Currently there is a huge problem with people breeding Irish Water Spaniels with no care for the well-being of the dogs or the breed. These pups often have defects such as liver and kidney problems, cancer, etc.

If you purchase your companion from recognised breeders you not only get a dog of excellent breeding but also contribute to the development and survival of the Irish Water Spaniel.

Please contact us for the contact details of recognised breeders and litters.

Litter information – 13/11/2017

We have a litter of 11 born October 8th in Cavan, Ireland. Contact

Dam; Mima’s Glasgow Girl. Sire; UiseMadra Laidir Ruairi.

3 Dogs 8 Bitches. Parents details have been entered on

24 thoughts on “Breeders and Litters

  1. Very interested in finding a reputable breeder of the Irish Water Spaniels. We live in the United States in Oregon. Are there any breeders on the West Coast that you may know of? Please advise ASAP.

    Cissy Fitzgerald

    1. Hi Cissy,

      It’s great to hear your interested in getting an Irish Water Spaniel. We’d love to help but we only have information on breeders in Ireland.

      The Irish Water Spaniel Club of America should be able to help you out though with local knowledge, see for more information and best of luck with your search!


  2. Hi,

    Would you be able to send me the contact details for reputable Irish Water Spaniels breeders in Ireland? Do you know if any of the breeders have a litter at the moment?

  3. Hello,

    Could you send me contact details of IWS breeders, as we would be very interested in owning one! We live in rural Co. Down.

    Many thanks,


  4. Good morning,
    I’m looking for details of reputable breeders as I would like to buy a pup but only from a good source particularly in the Clare / Limerick / Galway areas.


  5. Hello. Looking for some help finding a breeder in Ireland. Haven’t been able to locate one online at all. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

    1. Hi all,

      I’m afraid the bad news is there are no litters available in Ireland at the moment. The best way to keep updated on this would be to subscribe to the newsletter on the site here or if you can to join the club to stay up to date.

      If anyone is in the UK or is willing to travel please see the champ dog website for info on available puppies there,

      One of the Club committee members is hoping to have a litter later in the year so do keep in touch for more info on that.


      1. Hello John,
        Could you please send me some information on your recommended breeders in Ireland and who I could contact about the litter later this year? I’d greatly appreciate any information you can give me! I’m also wanting to join the club! So I’m looking forward to hearing back about membership a well! Thanks in advance for your time! 🙂

        1. Hi Cari,

          It’s great to see more people looking to get an IWS! I’ve forwarded on your details to the Club secretary. She should be in touch shortly with more information.


  6. Hi would like information of IWS breeders in Ireland . I have had two dogs in the past both not from reputable breeders with problems . Max only died yesterday I want to take my time .


    1. Hi Annie,

      I’m so sorry to hear about Max. Our Club secretary tied to email you directly shortly after you posted this but the email failed, maybe there was a typo in your email address?

      Could you send an email directly to and we’ll get in touch directly?


    1. Hi Niall,

      I’m afraid we don’t have any registered stud dogs at the moment. Best option is to sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on Facebook for updates.

      With litters few and far between I’m afraid you may need patience and perseverance. If you do find any stud dogs through personal contacts it would be great if you can keep the Club informed so we can let others know.


    1. Hi David,

      Good timing! One of our Committee members is expecting a litter shortly. If you send an email to the Club Secretary or committee member with the bitch will get back to you directly.


    2. Hello. Looking for some help finding a breeder in Ireland. Haven’t been able to locate one online at all. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  7. Hi I am looking for the number of a breeder for my father he is looking for a working dog not a show dog if you could help out thanks

    1. Hi Robbie,

      Thanks for reaching out. We’ve just had someone get in contact to let us know they’ll have a litter coming up in a few months from a working dog. I’ll send you on their contact details.


    1. Yes, it is indeed though sadly news of litters is thin on the ground. If you’re interested I’d encourage you to drop the Secretary a line and keep an eye on Facebook for more information.

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