Dogs Needing Homes

Unfortunately from time to time things will go wrong and sometimes it means that a dog can no longer be cared for – with this in mind we will be running a re-homing page.

If you wish to get a dog, or need to find a new home for one, get in touch and we will put your location on here, we will only publish the details you wish to divulge – we will keep an off line copy of your full details.

Re-homing an Irish Water Spaniel can be a great way to introduce yourself to the breed without having the expense of purchasing a pup from a litter.

If you would like to be considered for re-homing a dog please email

One thought on “Dogs Needing Homes

  1. A fb friend contacted me as her computer isn’t working at the moment. There has been an Irish Water Spaniel found in Derry that is in a poor state and in need of help. I believe the details are on Rainbow Rehoming and Pet FBI facebook pages. Sorry, I’m out and about at the moment so just using phone. Would you be in a position to help this wee un? Thanks, Allie

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