Code Of Ethics


  1. Members should consider the welfare of their dogs and the breed in general above any personal gain and should take responsibility for the dogs they own.
  2. Members should report any cases of maltreatment of Irish Water Spaniels to the Club Secretary or Committee members.
  3. Members should not breed from stock of unsound temperament or with hereditary defects, nor from a sire or dam who is not hip scored, nor from a sire or dam who has known genetic problems (e.g. entropian or hip dysplasia).
  4. Members should not breed from bitches before the age of two years or their third season, whichever is earlier, nor should they breed from bitches on consecutive seasons if those seasons are less than twelve months apart
  5. Brood bitches should not be bred from after they have reached the age of eight years. Litters bred after this age will not be registered by The Irish Kennel Club,
  6. Members should ensure that they have suitable conditions in which to whelp and rear a litter of puppies.
  7. Members should ensure that all puppies are placed in responsible homes, remembering that the breed is an active one and requires adequate exercise. Members should refuse to sell to dealers or buyers where they have reason to believe that the dog will not be properly cared for.
  8. Members should give to buyers of puppies a four generation pedigree, an IKC (or K.C) registration certificate, an application for transfer of ownership signed by the breeder, and written instructions on correct feeding, care, and veterinary information.
  9. Members should assist new owners with any problems they may have and should try, as far as possible, to assist in re-homing puppies if initial circumstances change.
  10. Members should discourage owners of other Irish Water Spaniels from breeding from unsound stock, Owners of stud dogs should refuse to allow their dogs to be used on bitches who carry hereditary defects, who have not been hip scored, or who carry genetic problems. They should ensure that bitch owners are aware of the responsibilities of breeding and are confident of being able to provide good homes for a possible 10 to 12 puppies.
  11. Members should encourage puppy buyers and other Irish Water Spaniel owners to join the Club.

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